Freedom Builder Club

Freedom Builder Club

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The Freedom Builder Club allows you to support the mission of the Freedom Café and experience – in your home – the same unique, high quality, locally roasted “specialty coffee” that we proudly serve in the café with no additional shipping costs. 

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Coffee with a cause! 

Freedom Builder customers commit to a monthly donation that equals or exceeds the fair market value of the coffee to help sustain our mission. The Freedom Café provides members up to 2 pounds of delicious direct trade specialty coffee beans per month.

Because specialty coffee is best enjoyed within 2 weeks of roasting orders are prepared on the 1st and 3rd Thursday's of each month. Club members who pick up in the café receive 16oz bags of coffee while customers who require shipping receive 12oz bags of coffee with no additional shipping costs.

Starter and Coffee Drinker memberships constitute a fair market value exchange of goods and service and are not eligible as tax deductible giving donations. Silver, Gold and Platinum members will receive a tax deductible giving receipt at the end of each tax year based on the amount donated minus the fair market value of coffee received. 

How it Works

By signing up online, we’ll add you to our monthly Freedom Builder email list. Each month we’ll send out a description of the months coffee selections and reminders of when to pick up your coffee.

Coffee is prepared to match your brewing method and equipment. For pick up orders we encourage folks to pick up their order on the first and third Friday of each month. Coffee shipments are sent on those dates.

If a pick up customer is not able to make it during Cafe Open Hours, their coffee will be placed on the Freedom Builder club pickup shelf with their name on the bag where it can be picked up 24 hours/day. (Shelf is just inside the Main floor side-door of the Light House Building).

Please keep in mind: Our staff is mostly volunteer. Occasionally mistakes do occur! But we are here to ensure overall quality.