The Freedom Café exists to engage the local community about the issue of human trafficking. We offer a variety of presentations to help bring awareness and the start of action in our local area. We have presented to clubs, churches, classes, and businesses interested in learning more about human trafficking. Sign up below if you are interested in having us bring a presentation to your organization. 

Freedom Cafe - General Programing

Perform for Freedom - PFF is a performance and awareness event creating space for community members to share what we love to do to support the movement to end human trafficking. We offer our abilities and insight in a space that helps all of us learn and remain grounded as activists. Each night opens with a scheduled performer, followed by an educational window on human trafficking and open mic performances. Sign-ups for performing begins at 7pm. Contact for more information.

Community Educational Seminars  The Freedom Café offers a variety of seminars including introductory and in depth presentations on human trafficking, facilitated discussion, film viewing, a chocolate fondue protest party, & seed to cup coffee and tea events

New England GIFT Box - bringing large scale awareness, prevention education and informed action toward a traffic free world to local school and community locations 

Volunteer Education - a monthly program fostering active participation and consistent education on the realities of human trafficking and the collaborative work being done to end trafficking. This meeting enables volunteers to effectively educate café customers about our mission and grant partners and inspires them toward longterm advocacy. Guest are often invited to present during our volunteer education events. Community members are welcome to join for those events.

The following are a sampling of the Community Education Seminars we could bring to your business or group.

“Ending Slavery One Ethically Sourced Mug at a Time” - 15-90 min.

This presentation we will introduce the issues surrounding human trafficking, how it affects us all and how we can make an impact in the movement to create a traffic-free world. 

Not My Life Documentary Viewing & Discussion - available as 60 or 90 min. event

Not My Life, widely acclaimed film by Oscar nominee Robert Bilheimer on human trafficking signals start of global movement. In partnership with Not My Life, the Freedom Cafe of Durham offers groups the opportunity to view and process this award winning documentary. Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries including the US, the film details the stories and practices regarding several major centers of human trafficking. Through firsthand footage and interviews with survivors the film seeks to educate viewers on the scope of slavery in the world today offering both challenge and hope for freedom.

“Chocolate Fondue Protest Party” - 60 min.

Are you a chocolate lover? Did you know that chocolate is the highest sold commodity in the world and it’s industry is rapidly growing? Sadly, the hidden secret to this booming industry is cheap labor due to human trafficking. Join us to feast on ethically sourced chocolate and protest about child trafficked labor in the cocoa industry. Discover the link between chocolate and human trafficking, what is being done about this tragic reality and resources for change. Join the movement by becoming an educated consumer and sign the petition to end trafficking in the chocolate industry!  

Request a presentation through our online form!