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Upcoming Events:

Feb 9 - Freedom Friday Teen Perform Night, 7pm
Feb. 12 - Volunteer Meet-up, 5-5:45pm
Feb. 14 - Perform for Freedom, 7-10pm - Guest Presentation ChildVoice
Feb. 15 - Seacoast Peace Academy / Truth Telling Collective, 7pm
Feb 16 - Love146 Gala, Laconia
Feb. 20 - Oyster River Community Reads, 7pm
Feb. 21 - Perform for Freedom, 7-10pm
Feb. 28 - Perform for Freedom, 7-10pm

March 1 - UNH MUB Market Freedom Café Espresso Bar, 1-5pm
March 6 -  Oyster River Community Reads, 7pm
Mar. 7 - Volunteer Meet-up (Wed. 5-5:45pm)
March 7 - Perform for Freedom, 7-10pm
Mar 9 - Freedom Friday Teen Night, 7-9pm
Mar 12-16 - UNH Break

Perform for Freedom - Wednesday 7-10pm at The Freedom Café
PFF is a performance and awareness event creating space for friends of The Freedom Café to share what we love to do to support the movement to end human trafficking. We offer our talents and insight in a space that helps all of us learn and remain grounded as activists. Each night opens with a scheduled performer, followed by an educational window on human trafficking and open mic performances. Sign-ups for performing begin at 7pm. Contact volunteer@thefreedomcafe.org for more information.

Freedom Friday Teen Night
A night of music and activism. Come to perform or just hang out with friends and help The Freedom Café end human trafficking one ethically sourced drink at a time!

Volunteer Training - Required for current volunteers, open to the public
This monthly gathering fosters connection among our team members and provides training to further engagement and agency in the effort to fight human trafficking. These seminars take place on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm.

Seed to Cup Seminars:  Our seed to cup seminars shine a light on the supply chain process for the delicious commodities most of us enjoy on a regular basis. Geek out on Coffee, Tea or Chocolate, get an overview of the process from Seed to Cup, experience tastes from around the world, and learn how to brew your favorite drink at home. 

If you would like to use the café space for an event, please request it here!