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“The essential ingredients of [all] struggles for justice are human beings who, if only for a moment, if only while beset with fears, step out of line and do something." - hOWARD zINN 


At the Freedom Cafe, our café counter provides a simple entry point for individuals to support the creation of a traffic-free world beginning one ethically sourced mug at a time. We offer beverages of the highest quality to our guests as a way of building greater awareness and engagement in the movement to end human trafficking.

Here's how it works: as you enter the café, you are greeted by a friendly volunteer who introduces our mission and current fundraising goal for one of our grants. At that point, you are invited to make a "name-your-price" donation. Much more than just an average coffee shop, it is our hope that by being in our space you will learn how organizations are fighting human trafficking through prevention, legislation, intervention and survivor after-care. Additionally, we hope you will come to learn how products like coffee, tea, and chocolate move from raw material to the finished products we enjoy. In short, it is our mission to help you become an educated consumer who can spot and support products that are traffic-free. And that's a beautiful thing.

Our café features ethically sourced products from theS amazing companies:

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